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Frozen and refrigerated products must be thrown away after a certain point.

The longer your business is closed the more customers you lose to your competition.

Being the first business to have power in a wide spread outage is a huge competitive advantage.


Our generators are equipped saving valuable time once the generator arrives on site.

Our Generators

Each genset is coupled with its own assigned semi tractor eliminating wait time for an available tractor as well as the wasted time spent hooking it up to the tractor.

Our Own Electricians

We utilize our own electricians that are already familiar with the generators start up and monitoring procedures, again saving valuable time.

Fast Service

On average once we receive a call for power restoration we are in route to your location within 30 minutes.


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Our Generators

Our rental generators are equipped saving valuable time once the generator arrives on site. Our rental fleet ranges from 35KW- 2000KW with various sizes available to accommodate every businesses needs.


How long until my rental generator is up and running?

This depends on your distance from our facility. Once the order is placed your generator will leave our facility with our electricians. All of our generators are attached to pick ups/semis which reduces delivery time. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turn around time in the Midwest.

How does your generator rental service beat your competition?

Most companies have to contract out the shipping of the gen set and the actual electrical hook up of your generator. This adds to the the time and cost of the rental, thus costing you money and possible loss of product and sales. When you rent from us, our drivers deliver the unit which is then hooked up by our certified generator specialists.

How do I determine what size Generator I need?

Getting a generator that can handle all your power needs is the most critical aspect of the decision. If your generator can’t meet your specific requirements then it won’t be doing you any good and even damage some of the devices connected to it. Contact a Gencon representative for help in determining exactly what size gen set fits your emergency power needs. In most cases we can determine the proper size generator with a few simple questions.

How long will the genset provide me with emergency backup power?

We offer both short term and long term rentals. Whether your outage last a few hours or a few months we are happy to meet your individual needs. Contact our office at 313-365-2500, if you need emergency service call 586-604-9938.

Do I have to have special outlets or connections for the hookup of the generator?

Though we can hook our generators into almost any electrical system, for some locations we recommend a panel modification to speed up the process. We are always happy to provide a free site survey to any potential customer. Please contact one of our representatives to schedule an appointment.